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Join Museum of Minneapolis in exploring the festival theme of Commonality.

Participants will add their voice through two maker stations:

Speak Up—Hang out at one of two oral history stations: 

  1. Use our “conversation deck” to reflect on the festival theme of Commonality. Sit for a self-guided audio interview and share your reactions to a set of questions focusing on the topic of intersectionality, perspective, and empathy. 

  2. Listen to interviews with local social justice warriors that were conducted by students from Southside Family School in collaboration with MoM. Activist interviews include Jess Sundin, Jennie Eisert, Clare O’Connor, and Yolanda Hare.

In another room, let yourself be taken back to a time before innocence was lost. Draw your festival experience or illustrate your response to the oral history interviews. Let the room inspire you to draw a memory you forgot was in your mind. The tables are lined with paper, so be creative!

Stand Up—If you are among those who keep a sign at the ready for the next rally, join us at the protest sign-making station. Take your finished signs to the next march or leave it behind to be used in an exhibition being planned for 2019.

Other activities: viewing art created by 5th and 6th graders from Southside Family School. Student artwork was created in response to stories from interviews they conducted with local social justice warriors.


Contributing Artists:

Jaden Hansen leads curation for Museum of Minneapolis. Originally trained in historical societies, Jaden’s work has evolved to bring community stories to life by exploring the intersections of history, storytelling, and art. Jaden’s work focuses on acknowledging that many people express their stories, and our shared humanity, through art making and storytelling. Jaden works to put the community behind the canvas and leads art-making activities intended to empower as well as preserve. Jaden’s work was recently featured by the Incluseum.

Hector Chavarria is a performance artist/ playwright. He has been seen in various cabarets and social events throughout the Twin Cities. He has performed with 20% Theatre Company, Mixed Blood Theater, and The Walker Art Center. Through his art he hopes to promote social awareness for the Queer, Latinx experience.

Team Credits:

Stephanie Windfedlt’s 5th and 6th grade writing class from Southside Family School, a social justice charter in South Minneapolis.
The Board of Museum of Minneapolis
Noah Barth, Museum of Minneapolis Intern

THE ART AND CULTURE OF THE PROTEST, a project of Museum of Minneapolis. Photo credit: Kate Brenner

Happy Pride Month Minneapolis!

Did you know that the Twin Cities Juneteenth celebration is said to be one of the two largest in the country?


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