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Mission: The mission of Museum of Minneapolis is to engage, represent, and collaborate with diverse communities through collection initiatives, education, exhibits and public programs. 


Vision: Museum of Minneapolis works to celebrate the intersections of arts and culture in order to communicate our shared yet diverse community history. 


  • Facilitate equitable representation in the historical narrative of Minneapolis.

  • Invite project proposals from diverse communities throughout Minneapolis and provide tools that enable people to tell their own stories from their own perspectives.

  • Create partnerships and programs that lead to continued opportunities for representation and collaboration.

Museum of Minneapolis' Core Values

Staff and Board


Jaden Hansen

Founding | Executive Director

Museum of Minneapolis Board of Directors

Tor Chavarria

Patricia Goodson

Allison Stiver

Tonisha White

Museum of Minneapolis holds a quarterly board meeting. These meetings are open to the public. For information on date and time please contact the Director at


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Museum of Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN

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